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-June 2012

before massage texturied deep within your own hands is a very special talent, a hidden genius, just waiting to be unleashed. Your hands have the innate ability to quickly release stress and tension like never before...Literally, within just minutes from right now, you can learn to give an amazing massage that will leave your partner spell-bound by your new found skills!

Hi, my name is Robert Sigler and I am a former professional massage therapist and used to teach at one of the top rated massage schools in the world for several years.  I designed these online massage video lessons to help anyone wanting to learn how to massage, to do so quickly, easily, safely and effectively. And then beyond the ordinary.

IS INCLUDED in this course, scroll down below for more...

Online, Downloadable Massage Video - Learn how to massage with our Basic strokes, Advanced Strokes and specific routines for the Arms, Hands, Abdomen, Back, Glutes, Legs, Feet, Shoulders, Neck, Face & Scalp. High quality, instant download massage videos that you can learn from again and again at your own pace. For PC or Mac use.

Easy step-by-step massage technique instruction - Detailed instruction from a professional therapist and instructor for each technique and body part. For example, we'll show you a specific back massage routine that you can follow and learn in minutes that will leave them blissed out and ecstatic. We'll show you how to take the basic techniques, and by combining them with different speeds and pressure, you can generate different effects.

Massage anatomy made easy - Although not required, knowing the basics of anatomy will help you give a better massage. And it's a piece of cake with our quick and easy anatomy lessons. We've not only shown you the specific muscle, but we've included the insertions and origins and action for each of the major muscle groups.

Hot Spots of the body - These are areas which are commonly 'tight' on most people, some are even hidden. But when you massage these hot spots, it will send people into orbit with pleasure. We'll give you specific suggestions on how to work on these 'hot spots' and there are several located throughout the body that are a good idea to acknowledge.

Massage Safety Tips - Massage if done incorrectly can actually be painful and do more harm than good, we'll show you where it's safe to massage and where and when it isn't. We stress in our course, safety first. Massage is about relaxation, not about pain or hurting other people. If you are getting a pain response from the person, then that's actually counter-productive to helping them relax.

Which massage oils to use and when - Certain massage oils are better to use than others...find out why inside.

Written copy of the full body massage routine- Each how to massage routine comes with a printable written copy so it's easy to remember and use.

Private training in your own home- Have more fun by learning massage in private with no stress, no time limits, no judgments, just easy enjoyable learning.

Secrets, tips and massage techniques used by the pro's- There are definite reasons why some massages are better than others, you'll learn why and how inside.

Instant Download and availability - If you have a Hi-Speed connection (DSL or Cable) then you'll have ALL the massage videos within minutes from right now and can start learning today. No shipping and handling charges and no waiting.

If you have a dial-up modem or just want to watch the videos from your couch, you can order our Learn Massage DVD version (which contains all the videos, you won't miss a thing).

Member support - We'll give you great support and help answer any questions you might have.

PLUS A BONUS! 3 MORE VIDEO LESSONS. We've just recently added 3 bonus videos:

1) A special video on freeing the head and neck from stress and tension
2) A complete abdominal routine that's deeply soothing to the abdomen
3) An incredibly powerful video on releasing stress and tension from the core of the body that anyone can learn and use

These 3 bonus videos are worth way more than the entire course, but they're included FREE. And they're also on our DVD version of this course too.

Anybody can just rub someone. But that doesn't mean it will make for a truly good massage. Beginning today, you can learn how to give a massage that will easily melt away stress, tension and tight muscles like never before. When you learn massage, you can better explore the depths of relaxation or the heights of ecstasy.

Even if you have never given a massage before in your entire life, we will show you step by step how to give an amazing massage. Our online how to massage membership course is easy to learn, highly effective & fun to do.

Inside this massage video course, we will show you the tips, secrets, and techniques used by the pro's to give amazing massages. You'll gain confidence in your ability to massage and learn valuable things you've probably never even considered, but make a world of difference.

The benefits of learning how to give a massage are positively life changing. And the feedback we've received over the last couple years from satisfied customers is certainly heart warming, here's just some of what we've been hearing from recent real Learn Massage Online members...

"What a great program, I feel alot more confident about
how to massage AND my partner & I absolutely
love it. Thank you." - J.P., Va

"This is a great site, well worth the money." - J.S., Oregon

"Just wanted to take a moment and congratulate
you on the quality of this e-video I purchased..." - I.R, France

"This course was such a big help.
Thanks very much" - A.B., NY

"Just want to say THANK-YOU!" - G.A., CA

"I ordered your online massage video
over the weekend, I love it." - M.S., US

"WOW!!! I could never imagine how great these massage video's are. After downloading the video's I started playing them just to watch. Just watching them makes me feel relaxed. The music and voice going through the exercises and others are wonderful. I would have to give these video's an A++. At first I was hesitant but NOW I am glad I did. I am very pleased with the video's, Thanks so much. " - K.C., MD

Over the last 5 years, our online massage lessons have now been purchased in over 24 countries around the world. Thanks to all of our members!

In fact, massage not only feels good, but it's good for you. And as long as you know what you're doing, it's easy. Not knowing what you're doing, you can possibly actually do more harm than good. So it's important to know the essentials of how to give a safe massage and then learn the specific massage techniques needed to give an amazing massage.

With our simple step by step massage video lessons, you can easily learn those steps and give an amazing full body massage starting today.

Anyone can easily learn how to give a massage today just by watching our massage video lessons. It's knowing what to do and how to do it, that makes for a great massage.

If you really want to get good at massage, then this is the course for you...
The entire Learn Massage Online Course is a one-time only price of $25 USD.

There are no annual fees and no monthly fees. The price includes access to the entire course including ALL the massage video lessons, the anatomy library, member support and instant online access!

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"...There is no denying that a good job has been done all-around." -

You can safely order the lessons online 24 hours a day and you'll get instant access to ALL the lessons, even if it's 2 AM in the morning!! Simply join today to start enjoying the many benefits that learning how to give a great massage has to offer! 


Please note: Taking our Learn Massage Online Workshop is intended solely for fun and your private entertainment and personal education purposes only. This is for home use only and does not lead to any massage certification or licensing in any way, shape or form.  If you like this course and want to practice professionally, you should visit a massage school in your area. Always check with a healthcare provider first if there are any health problems or questions about massage and any conditions. This course is for use on PC or Mac (because of the downloadle video). May not work on tablets or phones.


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